Powerless Part II

Friday, October 1, 2010

During a lonely time in my life I borrowed a CD from one of my roommates, and 4 years later, I still have it. (Sorry, Kristi!) It's Cherie Adam's The Sweet Life. She was once part of the Christian group, Avalon. Well, her and I went to the same church in Nashville and I was really curious what her album sounded like. There are several songs I love, but Powerless is probably my personal anthem, and I will sing it one of these days.

I have spent much of my life
Proving I am strong
Trying to hide my weaker side
As if weakness was something wrong
But I can't pretend to be something I'm not
And I learn through my frailty how much You are God
So teach me to see
Lord, help me to be...

Totally dependent on Your faithfulness
I am powerless
Living in Your perfect will and nothing less
On my knees is where true strength begins
'Cause Lord I've learned you are strongest when I'm powerless

Why do I feel such a need to be in control?
So into me I only see the parts and not the whole
Maybe it's just I don't trust you enough
To let all my resistance freefall into love
Take hold of me 'cause I want to be..


You know I can't save myself
I can't even try
You know better than I do
Just how much I'm powerless

Listen to a clip HERE

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