Thursday, October 28, 2010

I've been neglecting my blog for a few reasons. The first reason being, our computer went kaput. It's infested with some serious hacker-style virus. Lisbeth Salander is on my trail. (If you haven't read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo books, you have no idea what I'm talking about.) So, needless to say we need to take it in somewhere and have it completely cleaned out.
The second reason is although I'm able to get online at work, I do not want to fill up my employer's computer with all of my pictures. And who really wants to read a blog without ANY pictures? Not me.
The third reason is we have been battling some serious winds and it's screwing everything up. I came home to an empty house Tuesday night, to find we had absolutely no power. Jake and Layla were out of town for the night, and I was supposed to sit there and attempt to read by candlelight or something? I would have been bored to tears. So, I headed to my friend Sara's and stayed with her. It was good to catch up and we slept in the same bed for the first time since the eve of my wedding. That's what happens when you get married, you don't have as many sleepovers:)
Hopefully everything will be up and running soon, I am going to have a lot of photos to share!

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