Puppy Love

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Have you ever seen something and you knew right away that you HAD to have it? Despite the cost, or the consequences, or even the added responsibility, it just must be yours?
I have.

Layla, 8 weeks old

I'm a big time dog lover. Sometimes I fall in love with dogs that aren't even very cute. I cry during "Old Yeller", celebrate my dog's birthdays, and would seriously clear out the Humane Society if my husband would let me. So, it's no surprise that when I saw Layla's sweet face back in November of 2007 while visiting friends in Nashville, I HAD to make her mine.

And the rest is history, she's just as much a part of the family as my brothers are. jk:)

Well, Sunday I fell in love again. Someone was giving away this puppy for FREE outside of Jay's Sporting Goods. He was so cute, and he had that incredible little puppy smell. And a sweet face, and he laid his head on my shoulder. I wanted him. He was a Beagle/Walker mix, which I have never seen before and is definitely not on my list of dogs I must have, but sometimes the logistics go flying out the window and all there is is puppy love:)

I tried to convince Jake to love him too, but no such luck. He's a little harder to crack than I am. So, we went home puppy-less. But I did say a prayer that he would go to a good family, seeing he was investment-free and all. But ever since Sunday, I've been feeling the itch. I want a puppy, and Layla needs a little sister or brother to play with.

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