Seen any good movies lately?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I hate when I actually take the time to visit the movie store and there's nothing that sparks my interest. Well, I've seen three movies in the past month that I've actually really enjoyed. So, if you're looking for some friday night entertainment while you sit in your sweats, cuddled up on the couch, you've come to the right place. (Or am I the only one who often spends my Friday nights like that?)

Loved "Just Wright." My mom and I watched it two times within a 24 hour time period. (We were at the cabin out in the woods, cut us some slack.) Queen Latifah is an all time favorite of mine.

Next, I saw "Life As We Know It" at the theater, which I haven't been to in forever. I really liked it. My brother refused to go, claiming we already knew how it would end up. Well, happy I hope! No one likes a movie with a sad ending. Romantic comedies are often predictable but that doesn't make me enjoy them any less, and this one has a baby, so that makes it even better.

Lastly, "The Gospel." It's a little older movie, but I just saw it recently. While the acting is not quite Oscar-worthy, it was entertaining. Or did I just like it because I have a small celebrity crush on Idris Elba? Either way, Martha Munizzi performed "Glorious" and I felt like I was back at church in Nashville, sporting my choir robe, and swaying back and forth on the risers. If you feel like getting your godly groove on, go HERE

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