Haiti-part I

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I returned home from Haiti three days ago. I'm hesitant to recapture my trip because I feel like I could never do it justice. That I could never do the people justice. I am writing this knowing I probably never will. But I'll give it my best shot.
We stayed at Mission of Hope in Titanyen, 30 minutes outside of Port Au Prince. We toured the city and parts of the countryside. We witnessed the complete devastation left by the earthquake a year and a half ago. Entire towns were wiped out and now replaced with what they call "tent cities."

The current condition of Haiti is worse than one might imagine. Only 10% of the people are employed. That's approximately 2 million without jobs. The air is filled with dust, dirt, and exhaust. Agriculture is poor. Garbage abounds.

One hundred million dollars was raised in an effort to aid in the earthquake devastation 18 months ago...the Haitian people only saw 10% of that.

Lamentations 2:21-22 Paraphrase: "Often innocent bystanders are victims of judgement on a nation. Sin has a way of causing great sorrow and devastation to many." We will be held accountable for our actions. Unfortunately an individual, a group of leaders, or definitely a corrupt government can commit sins that may result in the destruction of an entire nation. Haiti is the perfect example of this.

However, Haiti held a few surprises for me. The first being the food. It was amazing. I'm talkin' juicy chicken, rice & beans, and plantains that taste just like french fries dipped in ketchup!

The second surprise was how beautiful the country is. Sweep away the dust and dirt and you have lush greenery, mango trees (my fave!), and the sky blue Caribbean. All situated at the foot of the Titanyen Mountains. Not a bad backdrop.

The biggest surprise was how much I fell in love with the people. I knew I was going to love the people, that I would want to take all the children home and stuff the babies in my backpack...but I didn't know just how MUCH I would love them. All- young and old. I will get to that tomorrow.

Stay tuned, friends...

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