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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

That saving money isn't always better?

Take these toothbrushes for example. I remembered overhearing Jake say something about needing a new toothbrush, so the next day while at the store I spotted the above- 4 for $1. And they didn't look like chinzy children's toothbrushes or anything so I forked over the $1.06 and moved along. Of course, I'm thinking I saved a little money and four toothbrushes should last a little while.
Well, fast forward 1 day later to Jake-after using said toothbrush.
"Those toothbrushes you got suck."
Apparently, he opened 'em up to give it a whirl and found that the quality left a lot to be desired.
"At 11 o'clock, while at work I was still pulling bristles out of my teeth!"
haha. oops.

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