Henski Farms

Friday, October 28, 2011

So, the other night, out of nowhere, I told Jake that someday when we have our white house and red barn I want a sign that says Henski Farms to hang above the barn door. His reply was,
"But we aren't really going to have a farm."
Little does he know.

My desire to live on a farm with acres and acres of land to play on and run on and ride on is just not going away. But now, I want farm animals too....

A farm is not a farm without chickens and goats and tractors. I would take care of the animals, my husband would be into the tractors.

And after watching an hour long documentary on Animal Planet this morning called Too Cute- Puppies, I definitely want a litter of puppies running around as well.

If you think to do so, pray for my husband:)

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