Project: Neon Bracelet

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm sure you've seen that neon's all the rage these days. Unlike other trends I try to avoid, I'm totally falling for this one, especially when it comes to jewelry!  Here are some inspiration images I've come across lately:

seen HERE

 seen HERE

Painted neon jewelry- 'why can't I do that?'
The other day I found an old costume-y crystal bracelet in my stash and knew it was perfect for a little neon makeover.

There she is.

All you need for this little project is below.

1. Your paint colors- I used mod squad by Essie and lickety split lime by Sally Hansen in keeping with the neon theme. But of course, the possibilities are endless.
2. Tweezers- I just used my regular eyebrow tweezers to pry the prongs back and remove the stones.
3. Brushes- A brush smaller then the actual polish brush is necessary. I used two makeup brushes turned paint brushes and they worked pretty well.

Let dry about 30 minutes before replacing the stones and pushing the prongs back in place.

And enjoy!

Are you all loving neon as much as I am?

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mom said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!


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