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Thursday, November 3, 2011

How God works.
Picture this: I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish this evening, then realized my computer would not connect to the internet...again.
"Just great!" I huffed, while throwing my hands up.
I decide to restart the computer. While it's loading I pick up my Jesus Calling devotional by Sarah Young. Irritated, that once again, this old laptop can't just do its' job, I open up to November 3rd and this is what it reads:

"Everytime something thwarts your plans or desires, use that as a reminder to communicate with Me. This practice has several benefits. The first is obvious: Talking with Me blesses you and strengthens our relationship. Another benefit is that disappointments, instead of dragging you down, are transformed into opportunities for good. This transformation removes the sting from difficult circumstances, making it possible to be joyful in the midst of adversity.
Begin by practicing this discipline in all the little disappointments of daily life. It is often these minor setbacks that draw you away from My Presence. When you reframe setbacks at opportunities, you find that you gain much more than you have lost. It is only after much training that you can accept major losses in this positive way. But it is possible to attain the perspectice of the apostle Paul, who wrote: Compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus, I consider everything I once treasured to be as insignificant as rubbish."

 What an awesome opportunity to turn losses into gains when everytime something frustrates or irritates us we can sit back and connect with God. It could be with a prayer or even a quick "Thank you, Jesus."
What a great reminder.

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