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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Images in this photo are not as white as they appear

Our town hosts the annual "Tip Up Town." Originating here 62 years ago, ice fishing was the inspiration. Two weekends a year revolve around ice shantys, snowmobiles, dog sled races, queens pageants, and fun for the whole family. In more recent years the winter festival is better known for its' crowded beer tent and rowdy out of towners, who drive their snowmobiles too fast after a few cocktails. I've frequented Tip Up Town before during my formative years, but this is our first year actually being locals. And the truth is, we wanted to avoid all the hoopla and stay away from the madness.

Cousin, Alyssa, my mom's Uncle Roger, and me

The only thing that could drag me out this past weekend was the promise of family, fun, and some good music. Some of my cousins are in a band (4 out of the 5 brothers) called Herd. They're crazy talented. I should know, I sang in a different band with them 8 years ago--wow, time flies-- and they're even better now than they were back then.

Mike's the oldest. Can sing and play anything.

Josh is the next. He's the drummer, but I love when he gets up and sings.
JJ's the lead singer. Very entertaining.

Jason's the "baby" of the group. So impressed with his guitar playing. When I use to sing with them no one would let him do anything but play the bongos!

And here's a blast from the past, just for kicks:
Singing and dancing with the newly formed band in 2007 at my cousin's grad party.

Check out their facebook profile and hear some music HERE

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