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Friday, April 23, 2010

Ya know, with the "Power Quote" from Wednesday, I figured some Flower Power was long over due. I realize the two have nothing to do with eachother. And I also realize that the.... pardon my language...."word vomit" often takes place while I'm blogging. But I just had to say, I am loving Hycinths!!

I discovered our backyard DOES have something to offer! (Other than a bonfire pit and a fence that keeps Layla contained.) The monsters, my pet name for the kids I watch, were outside and came in with a bunch of these vibrant pink flowers, that are so incredibly fragrant! Being the garden school dropout that I am, I thought they must be weeds. This place is a rental, and Lord knows I didn't plant them. But my friend looked them up for me online and they are, in fact, a flower. So did the previous renters plant them, or do they just grow by themselves?? (In a dandelion-sort-of-way.) If you have any knowledge, do share.

Also, along the lines of flowers, Molly found some really great yellow daffodils on the side of my house, picked every. single. one. and brought them inside to me. I was like, "Oh Molly, they're so pretty! Thank you so much!" Thinking, she picked them for me, like she often does.
And she came back with "No, they're not for you. They're for my mom." And proceeded to take them home with her for her mom to enjoy:(

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