The House that Built Me

Monday, April 19, 2010

I have been in love with this song since I first heard it, then just the other day Jake said he finally found a song sung by a female country singer that he really likes! (miracle?) Apparently, we can both relate to this one. Fortunate for us, our parents still live in the houses we have most of our childhood memories in, but every time my brother and I pass my grandparents old house in the town they still live in (separately now), we talk about how we would like to go up, knock on that door, and politely ask if we can take a look around. And reminisce, of course. There are so many memories packed  into that big, brown, house on the lake. Like the time my cousin and I were locked in the bathroom and cried hysterically until my uncle broke in. Or hiding the porcelin faced dolls so they wouldn't stare at us when we were made to sleep in the "blue room". The times we played house in the apartment over the garage, or when my friend dropped Grandpa's weights and broke her foot while my brother was babysitting, the day my 2 yr old cousin fell off the pontoon boat and quickly learned to swim:) Or how about birthday parties on the back deck, and singing in the livingroom on our brand new karaoke machine? And of course, those Christmases where the entire family stayed the night on Christmas Eve, we got to open all of our presents surrounded by cousins in matching dresses, and listen to Uncle sing "Walkin in a Winter Wonderland." Those were the days. If only we could go back.

I was so happy that Miranda won Female Vocalist of the Year!

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